Child Care Assistance Program to Raise Provider Reimbursement Rates

Under a bill heard this week in the Health and Human Services Budget Division, $270 million would be appropriated for child care assistance programs. The increasing cost of child care has been a major difficulty for thousands of Minnesotans; this appropriation would help both families and care providers, as some providers currently accept CCAP recipients at a loss, while others are forced to reject those cannot afford child care.

After an increase in the amount paid to providers in the 2013 budget, another increase this year would give additional aid to providers who care for children receiving CCAP dollars. Roughly half of all CCAP provider rates would be covered in full, increasing the number of children who have access to high-quality child care. The bill was laid over for possible inclusion into the HHS Omnibus Budget bill. (S.F. 1199)

Senate DFL Media