Classroom Placement Legislation Laid Over for Inclusion to Omnibus Education Policy Bill

A bill was heard in Education Committee this week that directs school districts on how they make student classroom placement decisions, dependent on the result of negative teacher evaluations or discipline processes. Under the legislation, school administrators must not place students in classrooms with a teacher who is in the improvement process based on teacher evaluation or who had not received a summative evaluation for two consecutive years. A student cannot be placed two years in a row with teachers who were evaluated and given an improvement plan based on current state evaluation laws.

This bill is a compromise version of bills introduced the last two sessions that were more prescriptive, and required the release of teacher evaluation data to the Commissioner of Education. This provision coincides closely with the teacher development and evaluation statutes, and does not use teacher effectiveness ratings to determine student placement.

The bill was laid over for inclusion to the Education Policy Bill. (S.F. 1554)

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