The Omnibus Liquor Bill

The Omnibus Liquor Bill was signed into law by Governor Dayton on May 1, 2015, and contains provisions on growlers, microdistilleries, liquor licenses for golf courses and a community facility, a special liquor license for Minneapolis, 8:00 a.m. on-site sales on Sundays, brewpub sales at the State Fair, and some ...
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Other Commerce Bills Passed in the Regular Session

Savings Plan Raffles Legislation was introduced with the goal of incentivizing higher savings rates among consumers through allowing credit unions to establish savings promotion raffles. With this Prize Linked Savings (PLS) system, every deposit (up to ten per month) made by a customer at a participating credit union acts as ...
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VETOED: Commerce Bills that Did Not Pass

A number of commerce provisions were vetoed in the omnibus agriculture, environment, natural resources, jobs, and economic development appropriations bill, including: Preventing Insurance Fraud Legislation was introduced this session aimed at addressing insurance fraud issues in the state. Currently, Minnesota has one of the highest rates of insurance fraud in ...
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Other Commerce Bills that Did Not Pass

Sunday Sales Allowing liquor stores to open on Sundays is an issue discussed every year. The legislation was offered as an amendment to the Omnibus Liquor Bill on the floor, but failed. Significant opposition remains from municipal liquor stores and the Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association, who argue Sunday sales will ...
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