Credit freezes and identity security

In light of the various and numerous data breeches over the last decade, including the recent Equifax data breech that affected 143 million Americans, legislators are looking at ways to protect consumer information. A credit freeze is just one way to protect against identity theft. However, Minnesota law currently states that credit bureaus are able to charge $5 for freezing and thawing credit reports. That fee is waived for victims of identity theft. It is likely that legislation banning fees for freezing credit records for all Minnesotans will be part of this session.

Compromise between vehicle dealerships and manufacturers

A bill meant to address succession agreements for vehicle dealerships and make changes to unfair practice laws for dealerships and vehicle manufacturers was introduced last session. The bill was sent to conference committee and stalled there because stakeholders were unable to find an agreeable compromise. It is likely the bill will come back this session, especially if stakeholders are able to come to an agreement.