Common-sense reproductive health care reform

This week the Minnesotans for Trust, Respect, Access campaign announced a package of common-sense reproductive health care legislation. The two bills that were introduced are The Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act and The Protect Physicians’ Integrity Act.

The Comprehensive Contraception Act protects the right to affordable, accessible contraception and respects the family planning and medical decisions women make with their doctors. The bill will also remove barriers for women accessing contraception while improving birth outcomes and reducing costs for both the state of Minnesota and private insurers.

The Protect Physicians’ Integrity Act seeks to overturn a 2003 law that forces doctors to give female patients seeking abortions politically motivated and medically inaccurate information. This bill respects the doctor-patient relationship, and allows doctors to give patients medically-accurate and scientific-based information and advice. Advocates say this bill will keep health care decisions where they belong: in the exam room.