Correcting Teacher Probationary Requirement Inequities for Maternity, …

SAINT PAUL, MN – State Senator Alice Johnson successfully added an amendment to the Senate Education Policy Bill that allows new teachers some flexibility when trying to become tenured.
“Under my amendment, if a teacher is working towards their three year probationary period and takes time off for a medical, maternal or paternity leave, they will not have to start their three year probation period over to become tenured,” Johnson said. “This is common-sense policy that if a teacher goes on leave because they become pregnant or ill while they are on their three year probationary period, the clock doesn’t start all over. They can continue to complete (or fulfill – your choice Jackie) their probation requirement if they come back to the school within a year.” Under current law, if a teacher’s 120 day teaching threshold is interrupted because they have a child or a serious illness, they would have to restart their three year probationary period all over again.

Senator Alice Johnson
Sen. Johnson represented District 37, which includes Blaine and portions of Coon Rapids in the northern Twin Cities metropolitan area.

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