Corridors of Commerce Funding Include Nine Mile Creek Bridge on Hwy 169

Governor Dayton and the Minnesota Department of Transportation announced a $70 million investment in Corridors of Commerce projects this morning as the state continues to make crucial investments in infrastructure needs. Included in the overall investment is $1.5 million for design work for bridge replacement on Highway 169 at Nine Mile Creek. Senator Melisa Franzen (DFL – Edina) highlighted the Highway 169 Bridge, which provides access to 20,000 jobs in immediate vicinity to the project, as an example of the need for Corridors of Commerce funding.

Franzen Portrait

“In 2013 we saw a major need for transportation projects throughout the state,” said Sen. Franzen. “We passed the Corridors of Commerce legislation in an attempt to improve safety, transit times and business transport. This location has an average daily traffic of 80,000 and 5,000 heavy commercial average daily traffic. With this funding, the Nine Mile Creek bridge project will take its first major step on its way to being shovel-ready next year.”

Twelve of the projects announced today will use existing funding that the Legislature and Gov. Dayton invested in the Corridors of Commerce initiative in 2014. Funding for the 13th project was made available by cost savings at the Minnesota Department of Transportation. In all, $70 million will be invested throughout the state.

“I am grateful for the governor and department’s decision to add this project to the list,” said Sen. Franzen. “We have already seen progress on 169 through the work done this summer and this will continue that work. Once finished, this maintenance will improve the safety and extend the life of the bridge.”

For more information, Sen. Franzen can be contacted via email at or by phone at 651-296-6238.

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