Creating the World’s Best Workforce

The Senate E-12 Policy and Budget Committee heard testimony from numerous schools districts Thursday on how they are implementing the World’s Best Workforce legislation. The World’s Best Workforce provides a structure and guidelines to support student learning from early learning to college and career readiness. The legislation lays out a number of goals for districts that include:

  • All students meet school readiness goals
  • All third grade students achieve grade level literacy
  • Close academic achievement gap for all groups
  • All students graduate from high school
  • All students attain college and career readiness

Several school districts testified that portions of the guidelines were particularly useful, including greater community engagement and the involvement of school boards to help achieve these goals. Other districts testified that the goals validated the paths they were already on, reinforcing that they were on the right track to improve test scores and readiness goals.

Still, others from the Minnesota School Boards Association (MSBA) cautioned the committee against adding new goals to the existing guidelines. An MSBA representative reminded committee members that the World’s Best Workforce is about setting down a long-term strategy for school districts statewide, and achieving these goals will take years.

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