Current and former customers of Frontier Communications may be eligible for financial compensation

For those who are or have been customers of Frontier communications for phone or internet service and experienced quality and reliability issues, you may be entitled to financial compensation. A settlement approved by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission and negotiated by the Minnesota Department of Commerce and Frontier will hold Frontier accountable for subpar service and provide refunds and bill credits.

Former and current customers of Frontier may be eligible for compensation for the following reasons:

  • Telephone out-of-service not restored within 24 hours, or a later date requested by the customer
  • Incorrect billing, inappropriate charges and fees
  • Incorrect billing for telephone service related to vacation rate
  • Assessment of any late fees for telephone service when the customer made the payment on or prior to the due date and Frontier did not process the customer’s payment in a timely manner
  • Charged a fee to receive a paper bill for telephone service
  • Charges for three-way calling fees without being subscribed to the service or for unauthorized or unintended three-way calls if the customer was subscribed to the per-use service
  • Charges for unauthorized directory assistance or 411 calls
  • Payment of an early termination fee for telephone service without having signed a term agreement or having no knowledge of automatic renewal provisions for telephone service
  • Inappropriate charges or fees to reconnect telephone service
  • Failure to cancel the customer’s telephone service upon the request of the customer, which resulted in additional telephone service billing to the customer
  • Disconnection from voice telephone service without proper notice
  • Denial of local exchange telephone service
  • Failure by Frontier to timely effect a permanent repair of electrical faults or poor transmission characteristics for telephone service
  • Delayed installation of primary local service line beyond three business days
  • Repeat occurrence of the same trouble on the same line within 30 days
  • Missed repair appointment for telephone services

Customers of Frontier will be receiving an application for refunds and bill credits by mail. To submit the claim, you can fill out the form and mail to the provided address. Alternatively, a claim can be filed electronically. Frontier is obligated to respond to the claim within 90 days. It is also important to note that the deadline to apply is July 20th. More information regarding this settlement can be found here.