Dayton-Smith Tax Bill would provide relief for more than 450,000 Minnesotans

Governor Mark Dayton and Lt. Governor Tina Smith unveiled their 2017 Tax Bill, which would provide $300 million in tax cuts for more than 450,000 Minnesotans and in aid payments to local governments for essential services, while protecting the state’s long-term fiscal health. The Dayton-Smith Tax Bill would also reduce taxes for Minnesota farmers and landowners to help build an economy that works for everyone.

Highlights of the Dayton-Smith Tax Bill include making high-quality childcare more affordable for Minnesota families and expanding the Working Family Tax Credit. The Working Family Credit, Minnesota’s version of the federal Earned Income Tax Credit, is a proven tool to directly improve the financial health of working, lower-income families. The Working Family Tax Credit is widely used across the state and historically supported by both Democrats and Republicans.

In addition to investing in Minnesota families, the Governor and Lt. Governor’s proposal would strengthen Minnesota communities by increasing Local Government Aid by $20 million and County Program Aid by $10 million. This funding helps municipal and county governments provide essential services like police and fire protection, instead of relying solely on property taxes.



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