HHSH Deficiency Funding

Minnesota Security Hospital, Ebola Preparedness Appropriations from Deficiency Bill

To meet the needs of the Minnesota Security Hospital in St. Peter following a series of mandated reforms led by the Department of Human Services, DHS sought an appropriation of $10.683 million:

  • $10.437 million to the Minnesota Security Hospital
  • $246,000 to the Minnesota Food Assistance program

Most of the deficiency is a result of expenses incurred from increasing staffing levels to support patients and overall safety. DHS was given two conditional licenses with the requirement that, among other tasks, they add security counselors and clinical staff. To pay for the staff level increases, DHS needs $9.4 million. The agency also requested $1 million to pay for additional security cameras and construction of a temporary admissions unit.

STATUS: The bill was signed into law. (S.F. 174) See also: Deficiency Bill in State and Local Government.

Department of Health

The Department of Health faced a deficit of $891,000 as a result of Ebola-related activities. In order to conduct the necessary Ebola-related preparations, staff was redirected from existing federal grant work. As a result of these staff re-assignments, there have been insufficient staff resources to complete existing federal grant requirements. Therefore, most of the request ($643,000) will cover these staffing costs. The remaining resources are needed for expenses incurred for Ebola education, preparedness, and monitoring.

In the final bill, a grant program was established to provide four hospitals and the Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board (EMSRB) funds for Ebola-related expenditures. The total appropriation is $2 million, with $148,000 appropriated to the EMSRB and the remaining divided between Unity Hospital, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics, Mayo Clinic, and the University of Minnesota Medical Center.

STATUS: The bill was signed into law. (S.F. 174)

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