DFLers are committed to providing a clean future

Climate scientists are only giving us 10 years to make true systematic changes to counteract the dangerous effects of climate change. To do their part the Senate DFL is prioritizing making investments in a green economy within Minnesota to protect the things that make Minnesota a great place to live. From our 10,000 lakes to our clean air and pristine natural resources, the Senate DFL acknowledges the need to make changes to protect Minnesota’s future.

With this mission in mind, Senate DFLers are making it a priority to address the climate crisis head-on by conserving our state’s clean air and water, investing in the development of clean jobs and a green economy, as well as prioritizing a clean energy future for all Minnesotans by setting a goal to reach 100% reliance on clean energy by 2040. Minnesota has supported partnerships with businesses and industries statewide to create a plan towards a clean future that takes into consideration the needs and limitations of our agricultural and energy industries. It is when we all move forward together that we can best develop a future Minnesota that encourages businesses to invest in clean energy options.

Minnesota has the opportunity to be a national leader in taking bold action to address the climate issues we are facing so the next generation can enjoy the Minnesota we know and love.