Disability Day at the Capitol

Hundreds of people took part in Arc Minnesota’s 2019 Disability Day at the Capitol this week. Participants attended a training seminar, met with legislators, and participated in a rally. They were at the Capitol to raise awareness surrounding critical issues affecting Minnesotans with disabilities, their family members, support staff, and allies. Their goals for this legislative session are to advocate for a solution to the workforce crisis, prevent sexual violence, improve access to self-directed supports, and increase investment and self-advocacy.

Some issues people with disabilities are fighting for include reducing parental fees associated with the Medical Assistance (MA) TEFRA program, which have dramatically increased over time making MA-TEFRA unaffordable for many Minnesota families. They want to establish the Minnesota Inclusion Initiative to improve community integration outcomes and educate people about systemic barriers to inclusion. They are also fighting to reform Minnesota’s PCA program with a date-driven rate framework to support long-term sustainability of this service which helps people with disabilities live and work independently.