Disappointed in failure of Bonding Bill to pass; bad news for Minnesotans


This afternoon’s failure to pass our Bonding Bill by one vote is a huge disappointment. By all but one Republican refusing to vote for this bill, we are hurting the state of Minnesota. This bill gave us a tremendous opportunity to do good — to solve traffic problems in high fatality areas, to fix millions of dollars’ worth of asset preservation projects on our college and university campuses and to bring equity to communities across the state. We also had an opportunity to help dozens of towns and cities across Minnesota fix, repair or upgrade their clean water and wastewater infrastructure. Those projects – and the 40,000 jobs our bill would have created – are now all in significant jeopardy. We don’t want to repeat the Flint, Michigan disaster here in Minnesota. But by passing up this opportunity to make repairs to state-owned infrastructure and take care of the very things that make our quality of life here so good – Republicans have turned their backs on their responsibility to govern and care for the people who have entrusted them as representatives. If we don’t take care of these critical projects, the costs will fall back on local property taxpayers. While I am disappointed – I remain committed to finding a way forward before the end of session,” said Sen. Stumpf.


Chair of the Senate Capital Investment Committee Sen. LeRoy Stumpf (DFL-Plummer) unveiled the Senate’s $1.5 billion Bonding Bill Monday morning. The bill was projected to create nearly 40,000 jobs and placed an emphasis on transportation, higher education and water infrastructure projects. The House of Representatives still has not released a bonding bill.

Here are a few highlights from the Senate’s 2016 Bonding Bill:

  • Transportation: $390 million
    • Examples: Local Road Improvement Fund: $70 million, Local Bridge Replacement Program: $80 million, Rail Grade Separation projects: $65.4 million to Moorhead, Red Wing and Coon Rapids.
  • Education: $362 million
    • Examples: University of Minnesota HEAPR: $61.5 million, U of M Chemistry and Advanced Materials Science Building: $66.6 million. MnSCU HEAPR: $70 million, Winona State University, Education Village Phase 2: $25.3 million
  • Water Infrastructure: $282 million
    • Examples: Flood Hazard Mitigation grant assistance: $20 million, St. Louis River Area of Concern (Duluth): $12.7 million, Wastewater Infrastructure Fund: $80 million, Point Source Implementation Grants: $62 million.
  • Public Safety: $202 million
    • Examples: Department of Corrections asset preservation: $20 million, Saint Cloud Prison, intake, health services and loading dock: $19 million, New State Emergency Operations Center: $33.3 million, MN Security Hospital Phase 2: $70.2 million.
  • Parks and Recreation: $181 million
    • Examples: Department of Natural Resources asset preservation: $33 million, Minnesota Zoo; Heart of the Zoo 2 project: $17.8 million, Met Council; Metropolitan Regional Parks: $10 million.
  • Housing: $90 million
    • Examples: Minnesota Housing Finance Agency, Housing Infrastructure Bonds: $70 million, Public Housing Rehabilitation: $20 million.
  • Human Services: $92 million
    • Examples: Red Lake Nation human services building: $17 million, St. Paul Dorothy Day Revision Phase 2: $12 million.

Visit http://build.mn/ to see detailed and interactive maps, learn about specific projects and watch videos.

Senator LeRoy Stumpf
LeRoy Stumpf represents District 1, which includes all or portions of Kittson, Marshall, Pennington, Polk, Red Lake and Roseau counties in the northwestern part of the state. He is the chair of the Capital Investment Committee.

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