Early Voting Authorization

Legislation was heard Thursday to allow voters to cast their ballot early and in-person for a primary, general, or special election for federal, state, or county offices. Early voting can start 15 days before the election and would end three days before the election.

Additionally, this legislation requires that the designated county auditor or municipal clerk that administers absentee voting also provide for early voting. During this 12 day period, in-person absentee voting is prohibited.

Numerous groups support this proposal because of the added convenience, the increased accessibility provided to voters, and the guarantee that ballots are counted immediately. Those who supported the bill last year include AARP, Common Cause, League of Minnesota Cities, Disability Law Center, Education Minnesota, and the Minnesota State Council on Disability. The bill passed the Elections Subcommittee and was re-referred to the Committee on Rules. (S.F. 414)

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