Elections Chair Jim Carlson Leads Bipartisan Election Policy Omnibus Bill to Pass in Senate

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Today, the Minnesota Senate passed the bipartisan Omnibus Elections Policy billauthored by Senator Jim Carlson (DFL – Eagan).The legislation includes several updates to provisions related to elections and campaign finance which were passed in 2023, as well as several new proposals. The bill passed by a vote of 35 – 32. 

“This policy package will strengthen Minnesota’s democracy,” said Senator Carlson. “It is a continuation of the work we started last year to protect and expand the freedom to vote. Minnesota is known for its election system, voter access, and high voter turnout. It is only possible with a strong democracy to keep our elections free and fair. This bill protects and expands the freedom to vote for people across the state, encourages voter participation, and prevents harassment of election workers.”

Some highlights of the bill include:

  • Enacts a Minnesota Voting Rights Act to fill the hole created by the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals and ensure that disadvantaged groups can challenge discriminatory election practices (SF 3994).
  • Ensures high school students are offered the opportunity to pre-register to vote (SF 3871). 
  • Strengthens protections against the deceptive use of deepfake technology to influence elections (SF 3550). 
  • Strengthens protections against doxing election workers and those in law enforcement (SF 3481).
  • Adds transparency of money spent in politics by centralizing filings for PACs and political parties who spend in local elections (SF 3499).
Senator Jim Carlson
Jim Carlson represents District 51, which includes Eagan and areas of Burnsville.

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