Electronic Proof of Auto Insurance

Minnesota will now join a list of 37 other states allowing electronic proof of insurance thanks to an update in state law. As more drivers are using apps rather than paper forms, Minnesota law need to reflect the 21st century and this is an easy and convenient way to insurance status.

Currently, a lack of clarity around electronic insurance has resulted in some drivers being given a citation for not carrying proof of insurance. However, many insurance companies offer cell phone apps that allow insurance to be shown on the phone. Updating the law will ensure both law enforcement and drivers know that electronic proof of insurance is a valid method of showing proof of insurance.

The bill also states that in a traffic stop, police officers would only be using a drivers phone to view their insurance. Also, if in the handling of the phone it falls and is damaged, the police officer is not liable for any damages – as long as the officer handled it appropriately.

STATUS: The bill was signed into law. (H.F. 307)

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