Omnibus liquor bill – HF 3972

The annual omnibus liquor bill approves liquor licenses for some Minnesota businesses and allows for wine and beer tasting at wineries and breweries if the product isn’t sold on the premises.

Good faith cost estimate requirement for health care services – SF 3480

Health care providers are now required to provide consumers with a good faith cost estimate no more than 10 days after receiving a request. Providers are also required to list the price of the ten most common procedures that cost more than $25.

Credit report freezes for minors, removal of credit freeze fees – HF 1243

Parents or guardians of minors can now freeze minors’ credit reports in order to protect them from credit fraud and identity theft. Senate DFLers succeeded in an effort to eliminate the fees credit reporting bureaus are currently allowed to charge consumers for freezing and unfreezing credit reports.



Net neutrality – SF 2880

In response to the repeal of federal net neutrality regulations, Senate DFLers tried to pass net neutrality at the state level to ensure equal access to the internet for all Minnesotans. Senate Republicans blocked the bill from becoming law. It never received a public hearing and all amendments on the Senate floor failed on party-line votes. Senate DFLers remain committed to passing net neutrality at the state level.

Internet privacy – SF 2438

Senate Republicans failed to pass a plan to protect Minnesotans’ personal data from theft and unknown use by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). A Senate DFL plan requiring ISPs to receive written permission from consumers before collecting their personal data did not become law. Senate DFLers remain committed to protecting Minnesotans’ privacy and will work to ensure internet privacy becomes law.



Supplemental budget – SF 3656

The budget appropriates no new general fund revenue for commerce expenditures.