Senate DFL Accomplishments

Ensuring Safe Communities, Strong Schools, and a Healthy Climate

We delivered for younger Minnesotans, from ensuring that no child goes hungry in our schools to taking bold action against climate change to banning the barbaric practice of conversion therapy.   

The Senate DFL will continue to invest in proven solutions to make Minnesotans feel safe, help our students, and protect our environment. No matter where you live or what you look like, you deserve a fair chance at success.  

We will support our students and teachers to expand Minnesota’s tradition of educational excellence to ensure inclusion of all students. 

Safe Communities

  • Funding the Minnesota Attorney General’s office to expand resources to prosecute violent crimes (SF 33)
  • Catalytic converter theft prevention (HF 30
  • Omnibus Judiciary and Public Safety budget bill (SF 2909
    • Budgets 
      • Judicial Branch funding: $230 million 
      • Public Safety: $650 million 
    • Historic investment in violence prevention efforts, support for our public safety partners, holding offenders accountable, and supporting victims of crime 
    • Judicial Branch Funding 
      • Provided funding for public defenders after decades of underfunding 
      • Funding for legal aid for low-income clients in non-criminal legal matters 
    • Gun Violence Prevention 
      • Extreme Risk Protection Order laws enable law enforcement officers and family members to seek an extreme risk protection order to temporarily remove guns from a person in crisis. This bill will save lives by creating a way to act before warning signs escalate into tragedies. 
      • Expanded background checks to private sales and transfers.  
  • Minnesota Indian Family Preservation Act (SF 667)
    • Protects Indigenous children and families by helping tribes, counties, and government agencies work together to prevent the removal of Native children from their communities, culture, and tribes. 

Strong Schools

  • Omnibus Education budget bill (HF 2497
    • Funding: $2.2 billion  
    • Funding high-quality education with increases to per-pupil funding and state contributions to special education, English Language Learner Programs 
    • READ Act to teach kids how to read with confidence and provide educators with evidence-based training and curricula 
    • Robust curricula to help students understand the world from ethnic studies to Native American history to personal finance and civics courses. 
    • Grants and programming to ease teacher shortage, especially teachers of color.  
  • Omnibus Education Policy Bill
  • Universal School Meals (HF5
    • Providing nutritious meals at no cost takes financial pressure off parents, eliminates the stigma of food insecurity for students, and fully compensates schools for the costs of providing lunches and breakfasts for all. 
    • Research is abundantly clear that students cannot learn if they are hungry. By passing universal school meals, we’ve ensured students are ready to learn, and provided a school lunch tax break to all Minnesota families. 
  • Omnibus Higher Education budget bill (HF 2073
    • Funding 
      • Office of Higher Education: $776 million 
      • Minnesota State Colleges and Universities: $1.87 billion 
      • University of Minnesota: $1.5 billion 
    • Creates first of its kind program to guarantee tuition-free college for all Minnesotans with household income of less than $80,000. 
    • Fully funds the University of Minnesota and Minnesota State Colleges and Universities to freeze tuition. 

Healthy Climate

  • 100% clean energy by 2040 (HF 7
    • Sets a goal of 100% carbon free clean energy from state electric utilities by 2040.  
    • Streamlines permitting processes and establishes a regulatory framework that prioritizes clean energy, well-paying jobs, and environmental protections for communities who already experience the worst impacts of our changing climate.  
    • In the news: Clean air Minnesota 
  • Department of Natural Resources Lands Bill (HF 50
    • Passed in the Senate: 2/20/23 
    • Signed into law: 2/21/23 
  • Minnesota State Competitiveness Fund (HF 1656) 
    • Established an energy grant program to enhance the competitiveness of Minnesota entities to receive federal funding
  • Omnibus Legacy budget bill (HF 1999
    • Funding: 
      • Outdoor Heritage Fund: $171.79 million (FY2024) 
      • Clean Water Fund: $318 million (FY24-25) 
      • Parks and Trails Fund: $136 million (FY24-25) 
      • Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund: $191.9 million (FY24-25) 
    • Restores, protects, and enhances Minnesota’s prairies, forests, wetlands, wildlife habitats, with projects covering a total of over 121,000 acres of land.  
    • This budget will help keep Minnesota’s water safe for fishing, swimming, and drinking, will preserve and protect parks and trails across the state, and invests in arts, arts education, and arts access to preserve Minnesota’s history and cultural heritage. 
  • Omnibus Environment and Climate budget bill (HF 2310
    • Funding: 
      • $670 million 
      • Environmental Natural Resources Trust Fund: $79 million 
      • Energy: $255 million 
      • Renewable Development Account: $76 million 
    • Historic investment in strengthening our environment, moving our energy network forward, and in protecting Minnesotans from pollution and toxic chemicals.  
  • Omnibus Environment policy bill (SF 2904
    • Passed in the Senate: 4/26/23 
    • Signed into law under Environment budget bill: 5/23/23