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Omnibus Environment and Natural Resources, Special Session

On May 18, the Senate and House passed H.F. 846, the Omnibus Agriculture and Environment Finance Bill. The Senate passed the bill 37-28, and on May 23 the bill was vetoed by Governor Dayton. Below is a list of the Governor’s stated reasons for his veto and major changes that ...
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Legacy Bill, Special Session

This year’s Legacy bill appropriates a portion of Minnesota’s sales tax revenue to four dedicated “Legacy” funds, as outlined by the Minnesota Constitution: The Outdoor Heritage Fund, the Clean Water Fund and the Parks and Trails Fund, and the Cultural Heritage Fund. A total of $540 million is allocated as ...
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Environment Legislation Passed During Regular Session

LCCMR The Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR) recommendations passed off the Senate floor. The LCCMR, made up of both legislators and citizens, is tasked with making recommendations for special environment and natural resource projects for Minnesota which are moved forward in legislation. This year, the bill appropriates $46.3 million ...
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VETOED: Environment and Natural Resources Finance Omnibus

The Environment and Natural Resources Finance Omnibus Bill (H.F. 846) was vetoed by the Governor. While there was agreement on many provisions contained within the bill, Governor Dayton had indicated there were a number of concerns with the environmental provisions. These concerns and the negotiated agreements that passed in the ...
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Other Environment Bills that Did Not Pass

Plastic Microbeads Microbeads are plastic particles less than five millimeters in size. When used in personal care products like facial scrubs, soaps, and toothpaste, the tiny microbeads head straight for our water systems, where they are ingested by wildlife. The latest proposal prohibited the manufacture or sale of personal care ...
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