Equal rights for all

Heightened awareness for women’s equal rights gained momentum with the Women’s March on Washington where millions of women came together and made their voices heard around the country and even around the world. Recently, the #MeToo campaign came into the picture with women becoming empowered to speak out against decades, even generations, of putting up with sexual misconduct.

On March 8, nearly 1,000 women and supporters of the ERA from around the state converged at the Capitol to celebrate International Women’s Day. Their goal is to raise awareness and ultimately persuade legislators to include the Equal Rights Amendment on the Minnesota ballot in 2018. They also want to pass a resolution to Congress to remove the artificial deadline imposed on the ERA in 1982.

Equal rights for women is a nonpartisan issue that transcends politics, age, geography and gender. Adding this to our state constitution would send a clear and strong message to all Americans that women’s equality is a fundamental human right.