Exempting Grain Bins from Sales Tax in Minnesota

ST. PAUL, Minn. – To help Minnesota farmers facing difficult economic situations and operating on razor-thin margins, Senator Matt Little (DFL-Lakeville) presented legislation that would exempt grain bins from Minnesota sales taxes.

“Storage of harvested grain has become one of the most important issues for Minnesota’s farmers as they face difficult economic conditions that threaten their stability,” said Senator Little. “Grain bins, a key piece of a farming operations, should be exempt from sales taxes. This would go a long way to helping farmers across the state.”

Farm machinery is exempt from sales and use taxes under current law, but grain bins are not. This bill adds grain bins to the definition of exempt farm machinery. Additionally, the sales tax exemption would apply to efforts to improve grain bin safety, a growing area of need in the state to help improve farm safety and prevent deaths from grain bin accidents.

“On top of the economic challenges they’re facing, farming is a dangerous job, and too many farmers have been injured or have lost their lives to grain bin accidents,” said Senator Little. “This exemption will help them make necessary safety improvements and reduce the overall cost of doing business, and it’s up the legislature to make this change.” 

The bill, SF 732, has the support of both the Minnesota Farm Bureau and Farmers Union.

Matt Little represents Senate District 58, which covers Lakeville, Farmington, a small slice of Northfield and more than a dozen townships and small communities including Empire, Vermillion, New Trier and Douglas.

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