Full Credit for PSEO Classes

Legislation was heard requiring MnSCU institutions to give full credit to a student who earned PSEO credits as part of a goal area or transfer curriculum at a MnSCU institution. Once the MnSCU institution certifies the completed postsecondary coursework, every MnSCU institution must consider that part of the curriculum complete.

There is a second component of the bill that MnSCU prepare and submit a report to the K-12 and higher education committees describing the implementation of the transfer curriculum policy for PSEO program in Minnesota statute. The report must also detail how to standardize Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and college-level exam program course equivalencies across the system.

Approximately 80% of PSEO students in Minnesota attend a MnSCU college or university. In FY2014, this was about 30,500 PSEO students.

Currently, MnSCU has a transfer program on their website that makes transfer and class choices more effective and efficient. The DARS Project (Degree Audit Reporting System), also known as Transferology, provides students with current transfer and course information for degree planning. Any current or even prospective student can create an account and use Transferology. Those who are MnSCU students (including PSEO students) can choose to import the courses they have taken at any and all MnSCU colleges and universities and see where their credits will be accepted. Students are also able to see how courses apply to a desired program or major, then a student may look at what classes they need to complete to obtain a degree, diploma, or certificate.

STATUS: The bill is on the Senate Floor. (S.F. 856)

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