Funding for MNLARS call centers

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As a result of Republicans’ decision to block customer service improvements, hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans cannot get timely answers to their questions about MNLARS. Some people are waiting as long as six weeks for answers, according to the Department of Public Safety.

For the second time this session, Senate DFLers offered their plan for customer service improvements on the Senate floor, this time as an amendment to Republicans’ supplemental budget proposal.

Sadly, Senate Republicans derailed the MNLARS call center funding amendment by adding a provision to the amendment that raided $1.9 million from the Metropolitan Council budget. The Metropolitan Council is responsible for handling our wastewater management, regional parks, affordable housing projects, and most recognizably—transit operations. This amendment highlights Republicans’ disdain for transit and their unwillingness to connect Minnesotans with the resources they need for getting their vehicle tabs renewed, doing vehicle title transactions, scheduling driver’s license exams, and more.

After this detrimental amendment was added to the MNLARS amendment, the author withdrew the provision.