Get FIT Bill Passes HHS

Legislation that would give Minnesota’s businesses an incentive to create workplace wellness programs was heard in Health, Human Services and Housing Committee this week. The employer and the employee could receive a tax subtraction to help cover the costs of fitness center fees.

Similar to health insurance reimbursements, the proposed legislation enables employers to provide $40 per month toward an employee’s fitness center membership when said employee uses a fitness facility at least eight times each month. The employee could receive a similar tax subtraction for membership fees when they utilize an on-site facility provided by the employer. Senators Pappas and Senjem noted the link between rising health care costs and declining health, maintaining that the bill serves as both a preventative measure and a catalyst to better health.

The Get FIT Bill passed the Health, Human Services and Housing Committee on and was referred to Taxes. (S.F. 350)

Senate DFL Media