Governor Walz announces Due North Education Plan

Governor Tim Walz and Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan announced a sweeping education reform plan that invests $745 million for Minnesota schools this week. The plan is designed to address specific educational needs that have been brought on or exasperated by the pandemic.

The Due North Education Plan prioritizes equitable education in Minnesota for students no matter race, income level, or geographical location. The reform plan would invest in programs to provide opportunities to students in Greater Minnesota, invest in students who fell behind during COVID-19, and holistically support students through their education. The Walz-Flanagan Administration also called on the need to revitalize the teaching profession, to create a diverse workforce who feels appreciated and impassioned to teach, while reflecting the diversity of students being taught.

As part of the governor’s budget, the plan includes a $300 million increase in the general education funding formula, which is the main funding source for Minnesota’s school districts. The proposal also aims to address student mental health needs with $47 million for school support staff, aid to address Minnesota’s opportunity gap including funding for summer school programs, early childhood education and proposals to diversify Minnesota’s teacher ranks. 

The plan will start to be implemented this year, as the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) will be looking at the current system to see what is and is not working to modernize our schools.

To see the Minnesota Department of Education Strategic Plan, click here: