Governor Walz announces extension of Stay-at-Home Order to May 18

Minnesota has experienced significant breakthroughs in flattening the curve since the first confirmed COVID-19 case on March 6. However, as we gradually reopen the economy, it is important to remember cases are still on the rise, and we still must cautiously approach safely resuming our normal way of life. 

On April 8, Minnesota had 1,154 confirmed cases, with 271 hospitalizations and 39 fatalities. As of today, Minnesota has 5,136 confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 1,044 hospitalizations and 343 fatalities. In light of this, the governor announced an extension of the Stay-at-Home Order this week to May 18, which includes bars and restaurants, but retail businesses and other non-critical sectors may reopen with curbside pick-up, bringing 30,000 Minnesotans safely back to work.

In an effort to gradually reopen the economy while slowing the spread of COVID-19, Governor Walz is asking Minnesotans to wear masks when they leave their homes, telework whenever possible, screen for symptoms, and continue to implement social distancing. 

For businesses that will be resuming operations, their exemption from the Stay-at-home Order is contingent on the following mandatory criteria:

  • Develop and publicly post a plan for how to open safely
  • Use online payment whenever possible
  • Employees and customers should wear masks and protective equipment
  • In curbside pick-up scenarios, social distancing guidelines apply. If possible, customers should not leave their vehicle
  • In delivery scenarios, items should be deposited outside a customer’s residence

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