Governor Walz announces updates to lifting the suspension on elective procedures

Governor Walz this week announced further guidance on raising the suspension of elective procedures. The suspension was placed to set aside and conserve medical resources such as masks and hospital beds for COVID-19 patients. In light of the immense financial impact the suspension has made on medical providers along with stories of patients not getting the time-sensitive medical treatment they need, the governor decided to, with care and caution, move forward on lifting the suspension.

In response, healthcare professionals have understandably raised their concerns about how they will go about maintaining PPE and conserving much needed medical resources for COVID-19 patients. With the death toll and rate of contagion rising, the governor does not take these concerns lightly. Though the procedures will be allowed to continue, healthcare providers are required to track PPE, ventilator usage, and record how they will implement safety procedures for staff. Minnesota is also significantly better off in terms of preparedness and resources than we were over a month ago. Our number of ICU beds and PPE rivals and surpass that of states with higher populations and recorded cases.

Many of the important elective procedures administered by doctors, veterinarians, and dentists require time-sensitive action. Postponing these procedures could result in serious consequences such as inability to prevent the progression of life-threatening diseases. The governor has expressed concern with how not allowing these procedures could affect the quality of life and long-term health concerns of Minnesotans.