Governor Walz extends peacetime emergency

Governor Walz declared by executive order this week that the peacetime emergency he ordered last month would be extended for an additional 30 days to May 13. This order was originally declared on March 13. It is important to understand that this extension is solely for the Peacetime Emergency Declaration and is NOT an extension of the Stay-at-Home order, which is in effect through May 4.

Walz did not make this decision lightly; he understands the anxiousness that Minnesotans are facing to get on with their daily lives, but he also understands the threat facing us with the COVID-19 virus and the importance of effective and efficient leadership during this pandemic.

This extension will allow the governor and his state agencies to continue to protect Minnesotan’s health and wellbeing and respond quickly to a rapidly evolving situation. Governor Walz sought the approval of the Executive Council for this decision despite not needing to, to ensure that proper oversight is given to him as he carries out his duties during this crisis. The Senate DFL stands with Governor Walz in his decision and is committed to continuing to respond to the pandemic effectively to ensure the health and safety of Minnesotans is protected.