Governor Walz releases supplemental budget recommendations

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz released his supplemental budget recommendations this week, urging budgetary caution amid the COVID-19 outbreak. His recommendations were focused on fiscal restraint and prioritizing emergency and pressing needs.

Specifically, the governor recommends paying back the $491 million we borrowed last session from our budget reserves and leaving $1.2 billion on the bottom line. He also recommends funding investments to prepare for natural disasters and emergencies, including Minnesota’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Other areas he recommends focusing supplemental budget dollars on:

  • Investing in Minnesota’s mental health crisis
  • Keeping our communities, neighborhoods, police officers, and correctional facilities safe
  • Addressing the backlog in the sexual assault examination kits in Minnesota
  • Funding to improve transit and farm safety
  • Ensuring Minnesota is REAL ID ready by October 1, 2020
  • Combating youth vaping epidemic
  • Providing emergency shelters for the homeless and veterans
  • Addressing the child care shortage

The governor’s supplemental budget recommendation is a responsible proposal that makes needed investments while preserving our state’s fiscal stability in a time of great uncertainty.