Grant heard for farmers legal action group

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Lawyers Jim Massey, Lynn Hayes, Sarah Vogel, and Dale Reesman were successful in obtaining an injunction from a federal judge which halted the foreclosure of 80,000 farms. Because of this litigation, Mr. Massey was invited by Willie Nelson to a Farm Aid concert in the Summer of 1985. Shortly after the concert, Willie Nelson wrote the first check to Mr. Massey to start a nonprofit law firm (Farmers’ Legal Action Group, or FLAG) with the sole purpose of keeping farmers on their land.

A bill was heard this week that would appropriate $100,000 to FLAG. This nonprofit organization provides legal support to the Minnesota Farm Advocates program, legal aid organizations serving farmers, the Farm Business Management program, participants in farmer-lender mediation, and farmers seeking direct assistance. FLAG is asking for the money to meet the growing demand for their services that farmers are requesting. (S.F. 3210)