Gun violence prevention can’t wait

Advocates for sensible gun violence prevention bills rallied this week at the Capitol. Proponents of extended background checks and extreme risk protection orders welcomed senators as they entered the chamber to start the 2020 legislative session, reminding them that Minnesotans deserve a legislature that takes action to curb the epidemic of senseless gun violence and keeps our communities safe.

Senate DFLers have proposed a number of sensible gun violence prevention bills, including extended background checks and emergency risk protection orders.

In a nationwide study from 2009 to 2016, about 42% of mass shootings produced documentation that the attacker displayed dangerous warning signs before the shooting. Extreme risk protection orders (ERPOs) would allow law enforcement and family members to seek a court order temporarily restricting a person’s access to firearms when they show red flags and pose a danger to themselves and/or others. Extended background checks would extend criminal background check requirements to include most private sales, gun show markets, and online transactions.

A recent Star Tribune poll found that nine out of 10 Minnesotans support criminal background checks on all private firearm purchases. Despite this broad support, Senate Republicans have refused to hear these bills during session or take votes on them.

There are sensible gun violence prevention measures the legislature can work on to make families, communities, and Minnesota safer. Senate DFLers will continue to push to have these bills heard and voted on. (SF 434, SF 436)

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