Hard-to-Employ Minnesotans Grant Program

Legislation was heard in the Health and Human Services Budget Division to create a $4 million grant program with the ultimate goal of ending a select population’s repeated or heavy utilization of government services, whether they use unemployment insurance, health care services, or food and housing assistance.

The bill language lists veterans, those recently incarcerated, and those with mental health issues or chemical dependency problems all as part of this targeted population. The grants would be awarded to organizations that have a demonstrated plan to create new jobs.

A recipient of grant dollars has to create new jobs, demonstrate how the employment opportunities will lead to housing, health and support services, explain the government program savings as a result of its efforts, and establish its ability to coordinate the services for the population. In order to receive the grant funds, the organization must also provide a one-to-one match of the dollars awarded. The recipient organization has to report to DHS the indicators of the success of the participants, such as the number of individuals employed. The language dictates that there can only be up to three organizations that receive funds through this program. (S.F. 452)

Senate DFL Media