Hayden, Dziedzic React to President’s Continued Racism: Racist tropes another example of bigotry from President Trump

SAINT PAUL, Minn. — Assistant Senate DFL Leader Jeff Hayden, DFL-Minneapolis, and Sen. Kari Dziedzic, DFL-Minneapolis, released the following statements in response to President Trump’s racist tweets directed at four members of Congress, including U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar from Minneapolis.

“President Trump continues to spew racist, bigoted comments at people of color across America,” said Hayden. “His latest tweets aimed at members of Congress are just another example of his inability to understand how the history of racism in this country is alive today. It’s shameful and we need to call this language what it is: racist.”

“I am appalled that President Trump continues his inaccurate, insulting and racist rhetoric,” added Dziedzic. “This is dangerous, and it’s intended to divide our country through a continual perpetuation of racist comments. This President is playing on the fears and xenophobic attitudes of extremists and it’s gone too far. People across America on both sides of the aisle need to speak out against this hate-filled rhetoric and agenda.”

Sen. Dziedzic represents the district with the highest number of Somali immigrants in Minnesota. Sen. Hayden’s district has the second-highest.

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