HHS Provisions Help Families Statewide

Gov. Dayton’s budget includes $44 million for human services aimed at Minnesota children’s needs, particularly families in need. Another $116 million would also go to human services, though this portion would be aimed at the needs of the adult population.

Some key components include a much-needed investment in the state’s mental health system. His investments will build a solid foundation to improve treatment, expand care for children and adults, and invest in supportive community services.

Gov. Dayton recommends a larger investment in the Child Care Assistance Program to help low income families across the state find high-quality and affordable child care. Minnesota families depend on this program to allow parents to seek jobs and stay employed.

Under Dayton’s deficiency proposal, the Minnesota Security Hospital would receive much-needed funding to pay for an increase in staff, which would allow the hospital to continue admitting patients while keeping staff and patients safe.

In addition, Dayton recommends investing $11 million in reforms to the Minnesota Sex Offender Program (MSOP). Nearly 700 clients are held indefinitely at treatment centers in Moose Lake and St. Peter. Only two people have been released from the MSOP since it was established nearly 20 years ago. The funds will be used to evaluate the treatment progress of the residents of the MSOP and to move 50 of them to less-restrictive settings if approved.

The governor’s budget has received three hearings this week in the Health and Human Services Finance Division.

Senate DFL Media