Higher Education budget proposal ignores Governor’s recommendations, could increase tuition

The House and Senate Republicans’ higher education budget agreement unveiled on Monday ignores not only the Governor’s recommendations, but also the requests from the MnState and University of Minnesota systems. The $125 million target is $193 million less or only 40% of the Governor’s request.

The state grant program, which helps low-and middle-income students afford college tuition, will receive $18.5 million, about $43 million less than the Governor’s request.

Both the MnState and U of M systems could face serious budget cuts and tuition increases if the bill were to become law. The University fared the worst under the Republican proposal, receiving only $18.6 million – $78.2 million less than the Governor requested and $128.6 million less than the U’s ask. MnState will receive $77.7 million – $73 million less than the Governor’s proposal and $101 million less than they requested.

A tuition freeze will be in place at MnState, but with no funding to backfill the lack of state investment, there will likely be systemwide cuts which could mean fewer course offerings, staff reductions, and increased class sizes. (Delete-All amendment)