Higher Education

Higher Ed Omnibus Bill

The final higher education omnibus bill included approximately $166 million in new funding for the University of Minnesota, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, and the Office of Higher Education. The bill is a compromise between the Senate and House, with policy provisions and priorities that work to keep Minnesota’s students ...
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Office of the Legislative Auditor Report on Research Practices at the U of M

In response to the Markingson report, the U of M is now required to report monthly about progress toward developing protocols for conducting research on human subjects. This task must be completed addressing recommendations included in the report issued by the Association of Human Research Protection Program. The Senate Higher ...
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Boards of Regents and Trustees

Board of Regents The Legislature had the responsibility of choosing five University of Minnesota Regents this year, filling positions of four regent terms slated to expire in 2015 and one regent to serve the remainder of former regent in the third district David Larson, who passed unexpectedly last year. The ...
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Higher Ed Bills that Did Not Pass

Full Credit for PSEO Classes Legislation was heard requiring MnSCU institutions to give full credit to a student who earned PSEO credits as part of a goal area or transfer curriculum at a MnSCU institution. Once the MnSCU institution certifies the completed postsecondary coursework, every MnSCU institution must consider that ...
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