Investing in Higher Education

At a time when many states are slashing their higher education budgets, Minnesota, under Senate DFL leadership, continues to put our students first and invest in our colleges and universities. Just how is the Senate DFL investing in Minnesota’s students? The graphs below show our continued commitment to keeping tuition costs low, keeping college affordable and extending access to more students and families.

Almost 70% of new spending at the U of M is directed to keep tuition low for students. Additional investments are being made in the Medical School, to train the next generation of medical professionals and ensure that the school retains its national prominence.

Almost 96% of new funding for MnSCU is directed to help keep costs down and college affordable for Minnesota’s students.

More than 75% of new funding goes to helping students pay for school; this includes free two year technical school for low- and middle-income students in skilled fields and increased support for the state grant program, increasing the funding for 80,000 students and families while extending the grants to an additional 15,000 people.