Homeless Youth Act Appropriation

On any given night, an estimated 4,080 Minnesota youth experience homelessness. To provide them with comfort and care, legislation was introduced to fund an additional $2 million a year for programs under the Homeless Youth Act. Additionally, the eligibility age for these programs was raised to 24 years old.

The need for support for homeless youth is abundant: the Department of Human Services received applications for over $20 million last year, more than five times the funds available. Furthermore, 25% of homeless adults first experience homelessness before the age of 17. The burdens of homelessness cost society a great deal of resources in health care, education, housing, and social services.

With more funding, homeless organizations could help and host more youth, expand emergency shelter beds, provide more transitional housing options, and increase street outreach and drop-in centers. By helping our homeless youth through transitional housing and other resources, we can help them find sustained and stable housing, allowing for a future that is more safe and dependable.

STATUS: The bill was laid over for possible inclusion in the omnibus bill. (S.F. 548)

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