Housing Omnibus Budget and Policy Bill

Chair Draheim released the Senate Republican Housing Omnibus Budget and Policy bill this week. Despite a budget surplus and significant dollars coming into the state from the federal government, Senate Republicans did not provide any additional general fund money for Housing. Instead, they cut an important program to fund their priorities.

The proposal does contain some good policy but for many legislators and stakeholders, the bill is a disappointment. In comparison to Governor Walz’s proposal, this bill invests $14 million less in housing across Minnesota. If you include the bonding proposal for Housing, this bill provides $114 million less for housing. Additionally, this proposal limits local control and the governor’s ability to respond to an emergency.

The language included in this proposal regarding the eviction moratorium also needs to be adjusted. Many would agree that we need a plan to resolve the eviction moratorium, but the bill language is problematic. At this time, the bill does not require notice to the tenants that they are going to be evicted.

This proposal will be heard in the Finance Committee next week. (SF 969)