How to help from home

In these uncertain and socially distant times we live in, many people are wondering how they can help people affected by COVID-19 from their own homes. Minnesotans have always been conscious of their communities’ needs and that is no different during this time. There are several options available to people to help those in need, even while practice social distancing and remaining at home. If you are a sewer, masks are in high demand at the moment and anyone with a sewing kit are encouraged to make masks to donate to hospitals, the Minnesota Nursing Association, and more.

Many local businesses are being heavily impacted by the mandated closures – you can support local businesses by buying online or by purchasing gift cards/take out from local restaurants trying to still serve their communities at this time. Beyond the economic help we can provide, and regardless of your sewing abilities, there are other ways you can support communities at this time.

Get in touch with local nursing homes and see if they are doing any online visiting hours to video chat with residents or taking phone calls to chat with elderly folks who aren’t able to receive visitors at this time. Direct donations of food to local food banks and shelters are still being accepted and are encouraged from those able to give during this time as well. Financial donations are also encouraged to organizations such as the Dorothy Day Center which aids the homeless, a group particularly vulnerable to COVID-19.

Although these are uncertain times, we can be certain of one thing: our communities are empowered when we work together to support them, and it’s important to remember that as we continue to fight through this pandemic.

Senate DFL Media