Insurance Fraud Press Conference

A press conference was held this week to announce legislation that will take steps to reduce and eliminate insurance fraud. Currently, Minnesota has one of the highest rates of insurance fraud in the country, costing the average family more than $1400 a year in higher insurance premiums and the higher cost of goods and services purchased from businesses that also suffer from fraud.

The legislation will give law enforcement the tools to upgrade their response to the state’s anti-fraud laws. The legislation would add financial resources to the state’s anti-fraud unit, add a civil penalty to the insurance fraud statute, add a cooling off period on accident reports for 30 days and curtail abusive solicitation tactics, and provide more oversight to health provider boards and law enforcement agencies to help rid Minnesota of fraudulent health care providers.

Several other states have enacted similar provisions to help curb fraud, and the legislation has the support of the National Insurance Crime Bureau. (S.F.782)

Senate DFL Media