Judiciary Committee works towards DWI omnibus bill

The Senate Judiciary Committee heard two bills this week that work to improve the state’s DWI laws.

The first bill allows law enforcement to use a sticker to invalidate license plates for vehicles that are impounded due to a DWI law violation and makes it a crime to then destroy or damage that sticker; temporary registration plates are allowed in some instances.

The second bill allows people who have received a notice of seizure or intent to forfeit of their vehicle to vacate the notice if they enroll in an ignition Interlock program within 60 days of receiving the notice. It was a source of strong discussion from senators, the Department of Public Safety, and the DWI task force.

The Judiciary Committee has held over most DWI bills heard this session, including these two, for possible inclusion in a DWI omnibus bill. (SF 221, SF 737)