Just four weeks left of session

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With just four weeks left in the 2018 legislative session, Republican leadership this week finally brought a handful of bills to the floor. Unfortunately, the bills had nothing to do with the major work left this session. In the nine weeks since session began, Republican legislative leaders have only sent three bills to the Governor’s desk.

It’s not a numbers game, but what’s in the bills that matters. Republican legislative leaders have yet to take meaningful action on some of the most important issues facing Minnesotans this session.

Instead of hearing legislation to name a state horse, to ban a TV personality from the state, or enact video game disclosure laws, Republican leadership should be focusing on the business of Minnesota.

There are only four weeks left and no tax conformity bill has been presented. Tax conformity is important this year. By running down the time on even releasing their bill, Republican leadership is gambling on passage. If the Legislature does nothing, taxes will go up for most Minnesotans.

There is also no capital investment bill. The second year of a biennium is a bonding year. The Governor’s proposal was released months ago and would create nearly 23,000 jobs in the state. The Senate Capital Investment Committee met to review a few minor provisions but has not released a bill or recommendations. There is no excuse for this. Minnesotans deserve transparency, and the opportunity to be involved in the discussion. Leaving bills to last minutes means Minnesotans get cut out of the process.