Keeping calm amidst the chaos of COVID

Many Minnesotans are practicing social distancing in the face of COVID-19 and have begun limiting their interactions with family, friends, and colleagues. This move is essential to “flattening the curve” and ensuring our hospitals are not overwhelmed, but it’s important to remember one’s mental health is just as important – especially while facing the stress of self-isolating.

School closures keeping children at home can be overwhelming for both children and the adults. Luckily despite being physically isolated from one another, many individuals and organizations have stepped up with resources to help keep your and your family’s mental health in top shape while we face COVID-19.

The CDC has on its website a guide to managing stress and anxiety during isolation, which includes signs of stress to look out for and recommended ways you can support yourself during this time. Additional resources for talking through COVID with your children are below, as well as a few resources for practicing mindfulness and meditation to de-stress.

Talking to teens and tweens about Coronavirus, available fromThe New York Times.

A comic exploring the new coronavirus for children, available from National Public Radio.

For mindfulness and meditation, Ten Percent Happier is offering free podcasts and videos online, with an option to tune in live every day, and the Los Angeles Times published a handful of tips for practicing mindfulness and meditation during the COVID pandemic.

Mindfulness phone applications for children:

  • Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame (useful for children ages 2-5)
  • Stop, Breathe, and Think Kids (a fun and easy way for children to identify and process their emotions) BONUS: there is a version of this app for adults
  • Super Stretch Yoga (teaches yoga and breathing techniques to children)
  • Relax Melodies (listen to over 52 different relaxing sounds)