Keeping Minnesota’s voting system secure

The Secure Access for Minnesota Voters Act was introduced last week after the Office of the Legislator Auditor released their report on voter registration. According to the OLA report, Minnesota’s election systems serve us well and are a model for the nation. However, it also said that it is time to modernize and secure our voter registration systems and machines to prevent errors, mistakes, or hacking.

The Secure Access for Minnesota Voters Act will ensure Minnesota continues to have the safest, most secure, and most efficient elections in the country. Minnesotans expect us to respond to changing threats to our democracy and they deserve action now. This legislation will provide cyber security updates to Minnesota’s voter registration database, establish automatic voter registration, and e-poll books for every county that wants them. The bill makes much-needed cybersecurity updates to safeguard Minnesota’s voter registration database from foreign governments or other bad actors who want to interfere in our elections and expands the use of e-poll books to every county that wants them. (SF 3374)