Lawful gambling bills pass to the Senate Floor

Taxes met this this week and passed Sen. Koenen’s gambling prohibition bills. Both bills passed by divided voice votes to the Floor.

S.F. 229 is the Allied Charities technical bill, which was amended to include the gambling prohibitions that were originally in the bill but amended out in Finance. The bill also requires the director of the lottery to suspend all contracts relating to the sale of lottery tickets online, at Play at the Pump, and at Play at the ATM.

S.F. 188 requires the director of the State Lottery to suspend lottery ticket sales from self-service devices at gas pumps and automated teller machines, and also certain instant win lottery ticket sales through the Lottery’s website. The director is also required to suspend contracts related to these ticket sales activities. The bill does not change any tax provisions. A technical amendment was added to conform to the House language. An amendment to provide warnings on scratch-off tickets and advertising by the Lottery was introduced, but not moved. (S.F. 229/S.F. 188)

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