Lawful Gambling Modifications Bills Advance through State and Local Government Committee

A pair of bills currently moving through committees prohibit the distribution and sale of online lottery games, ban digital lottery games at gas station kiosks and ATMs, and forbid the expansion of casino-style games by the Minnesota Lottery.

One bill, including the Allied Charities’ technical bill, was vetoed by the governor last session, in addition to the prohibition of online, gas station pump, and ATM lottery sales. An author’s amendment altered the effective date to 130 days after enactment to adhere to the terms set forth in a contract between the Lottery and its vendor for online sales, Scientific Games. The bill passed by a divided voice vote to Finance. (S.F. 229)

The second bill only includes the gambling prohibitions. The same author’s amendment to S.F. 229 to alter the enactment date was added to this bill. It passed to Finance in a divided voice vote. (S.F. 188)

Senate DFL Media