Legislative and community leaders call for action on police reform

Governor Walz and Lieutenant Governor Flanagan convened a press conference this week along with community faith leaders, business leaders, and POCI Caucus members to call on the Senate Republicans to come to the table and act on police reform before the end of the legislative session. Senate Republicans have given no response to multiple common sense and widely agreed upon House DFL proposals. With the legislative session set to end in a few days, time is running out to address long overdue police reform in Minnesota.

Senate Republicans remain wary of moving forward with reforms that include the 48-hour release of bodycam footage, regulations on no-knock warrants, and liability for police officers. These proposals have been through multiple House hearings, but Senate Republicans have chosen not to hold any hearings on police reform within the last 14 months. With communities still grieving and calling for justice, it is time for Senate Republicans to come to the table and work towards policy that protects and supports our communities.