Legislative Salary Council Convenes

The successful passage of the 2016 statewide ballot initiative to remove the ability of legislators to set their own salary transitioned to the next phase on Wednesday. The constitutionally-approved Salary Council convened for the first time to handle administrative matters, discuss open meeting requirements, and discuss prohibited interactions with legislators.

The Council members were recently appointed by the Supreme Court Chief Justice and the Governor, represent both parties, and reside in every Congressional District in the state. Members are prohibited from communicating with legislators over the next few months to ensure no conflict of interest arises. The Council discussed in length their responsibility to avoid contact and passed a motion to require members to report back to the Council if they engage in any “substantive communications” with legislators.

The Council is required to submit a report to the Administration and Legislature by the end of March. Members requested additional information on legislative compensation and outside employment, and may request former legislators testify on their workload and compensation when they previously served at the Capitol. The Council plans to meet again Friday, January 27.

Senate DFL Media